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Find balance between

Yoga Clifftop

Thank you for choosing to take time for yourself, despite the hustle and bustle of daily life.

In the world we live in today, where everything seems to move quickly, fueling omnipresent stress, it's good to learn to think about ourselves. Above all, take the time to stop for a moment to become aware of our physical and emotional state. To listen to our body before it tells us that it's at the end of its reserves. We must act and relax when appropriate, but above all know that there is always a solution to take care of ourselves.

Assis au bord d'un lac au coucher du soleil

At the VIVEKA Holistic Center, we have mastered treatment techniques based on alternative medicine to relieve both physical and emotional pain, while providing balance to your entire body.

We work in collaboration, keeping the whole body at heart.

The Viveka center is aimed at anyone who wants to:

Relieve their acute or chronic pain

Understand the source of  their symptoms

Find supporting resources

Reconnect with themselves and their inner resources

Regain emotional balance

Release old negative emotions and traumas that are somatized in the body

Our collaborators

Isabelle Duplessis , relation d'aide, centre viveka, holistique

Isabelle Duplessis

Relationship Counselor


Corinne Guimont, énergéticienne , sonothérapie, Laval , centre holistique

Corinne Guimont


Energy Practitioner

Peter Manguian , kinésiologue , entrainement privée, blainville, centre

Peter Manguian




Caroline minous, massothérapie, ,holistique, thérapeutique , Laval

Caroline Minous

Holistic Massage Therapist

Polarity Therapist

Julie Smith, hypnose, thérapeutique , Laval

Julie Smith


Julie Lefebvre , reflexologie, corporelle, spiritualité, énergie, Laval , centre

Julie Lefebvre

        Body Reflexologist

     Reiki Master and Tianshi

Lydia Brodeur kinésithérapie, Laval ,centre holistique ,thérapeutique , soulagement de la douleur


This therapeutic technique considers pathologies in a global system, such as inflammatory disorders, tendinitis or carpal tunnel, fibrosis and deep muscles.

massage intuitif, soulagement douleur, Lydia Brodeur, Laval ,Centre Holistique, énergie

Intuitive massage therapy

This massage type consists in finding the origin of physical and emotional pain. This deep and precise touch approach works with acupressure points, providing relief from chronic pain and  immediate relief.

émotion code soulagement douleur, Lydia Brodeur, Laval ,Centre Holistique, libération émotionnelle

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is an energy-based therapy that is used to quickly and easily identify and release trapped emotional energy. It works by getting rid of excess “baggage”.

naturopathie, perte de poids, bienêtre , bien mangée, nutrition ,soulagement douleur, Lydia Brodeur, Laval ,Centre Holistique, libération émotionnelle

Naturopathic consultation

Naturopathy is one of the solutions to regain optimal health. This approach uses preventive tools, based on scientific principles, which consider humans in their entirety.

​The Viveka Holistic Center offers you diversified services focused on taking into account the individual as a whole, as well as their environment.


Massage thérapeutique

Lymphatic Drainage

​Manual lymphatic drainage consists in a gentle massage that aims to stimulate the circulation of lymph. It promotes cleansing, detoxification and decongestion of connective tissue and lymph nodes.

facial massage therapeutique, énergie Caroline Minous, Laval ,Centre Holistique, libération émotionnelle

Therapeutic Facial Massage

This treatment includes the areas of the head, face, neck, neckline and arms to allow for great relaxation of the facial muscles and improve blood and lymphatic circulation in the upper body.

Reiki traitement


The purpose of polarity is to put vital energy back into motion, to fluidify and harmonize, in order to reactivate the natural self-regulation processes. The therapist works on the different energy currents that run through the body, and is linked to the 5 elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth.

massage des mains

Body Reflexology

A therapeutic and energetic treatment which, through a gentle touch, works points and reflex zones distributed throughout the body, namely the feet, legs, hands, arms, back, collarbones, ears and the head.

Thérapie Reiki


​A channeling treatment, accompanied by the guidance of angels. Their messages help free cellular memories accumulated in the body.

sonothérapie , bol tibétain , diaposon, thérapue , son énergie Corinne Guimont, Laval ,Centre Holistique, libération émotionnelle


​This sound and vibration massage channels energy where it’s needed, to bring deep

harmonization down to the cellular level and to act on blockages.

Yoga près de l'océan

Energy Harmonization

Releases blockages, re-energizes the being, clarifies and elevates personal consciousness using intuitive techniques. Sessions combine the movement of the therapist's hands to promote attunement, attentive listening to needs and caring guidance to promote a gentle connection with one's divine essence and inner wisdom.

Femme sur lit de massage


It’s a well-being treatment that awakens the very essence of the being by releasing pure and creative energy. The therapist channels and transmits universal energy by laying her hands on the body, in order to activate the natural healing process.

mains tenant

Relationship Counselling

This approach allows for profound human listening and mainly aims at the development of healthy, authentic and emotionally nourishing communication, as well as the transformation of unsatisfactory dynamics.

fille Stretching

Kinesiology/ Private Training

A kinesiology consultation offers personalized support to facilitate the journey towards the best version of one’s self. It also offers the possibility of monitoring eating habits, sleep, and stress management, which are fundamental health variables.

Neurothérapie, therapeutique,  Peter Manguian ,Centre Holistique, libération émotionnelle, soulagement douleur


This approach consists in developing knowledge on the links between brain and cognitive functions. This therapy helps reduce stress, anxiety, emotional disorders, sleep problems, disorders linked to trauma, and more.

thérapeutique , phobie, peur , hypnose, Julie Smith Laval ,Centre Holistique, libération émotionnelle


Hypnosis is a powerful form of therapy that harnesses the power of the subconscious mind. 

It provides access to one's internal resources, in order to change thought patterns and create lasting changes.

Symbole Om sur la plage

Journey &
Rejuvenation Retreat

Explore new destinations, take a break from the daily routine and refocus on your well-being. We make it easier for you to plan a trip or a retreat with complete peace of mind and safety.

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