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Corinne Guimont

Dive with me into the fascinating journey of returning to yourself. I am a passionate energy and sound therapist, and the founder of Vitalité & Harmonie. I am dedicated to guiding people towards their essence of loving kindness, restoring unity between their sacred feminine and their divine masculine. Over time, my practice has become richer, leading me to become a true lightworker.
Heir to a passion for geology transmitted by my father and my great-grandfather, I integrate crystals into my work. These earth’s jewels are powerful allies on the fascinating path of returning to oneself. Join me on this adventure where separation is transformed into unity, and where vitality and harmony reign.


My love for words has always driven me, but it was when I realized that my writings were inspired, channeled from universal energies, that my writing took on a new dimension.
​I have become the channel for diverse messages, providing access to an infinite source of experiences and knowledge.




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