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Body Reflexology

massage des mains

Body Reflexology is a therapeutic and energetic treatment which, through a gentle touch, works reflex points and zones distributed throughout the body, namely the feet, legs, hands, arms, back (shoulder blades, spine and pelvis), collarbones, ears and head. All of this helps balance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the body since each point or area worked corresponds to a part of the body from a nervous, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, glandular, lymphatic, reproductive (pelvic), bone, muscular and joint points of view. By working on these points, energy flows more easily and freely, without blockage.

“Hormonal” and/or “Anti-stress” Reflexology

Session for adults, mainly on the feet and focused on rebalancing the hormonal system and/or the nervous system. Reflexology, based on Craniosacral therapy, uses spiral movements on the reflex zones of the feet and hands. The goal is to allow the flow of cerebrospinal fluid throughout the body by rebalancing the nervous system. Suitable for releasing tension and particularly in cases of trauma (physical or emotional) and/or hormonal imbalances. Excellent in the fertility process and to regulate the symptoms of the female and hormonal cycle. Also works on the release of cellular memories.

Thérapie réflexologie


30 min



1 h 00

Body reflexology for adolescents
(10-17 years old)

Body Reflexology for adults
(+18 years)

1 h 30


“Hormonal” and/or “Anti-stress” Reflexology (13+)

1 h 30


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Julie Lefebvre

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Body Reflexogist

Reiki and Tianshi Master

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