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Thérapie Reiki

Reiki is a well-being treatment that awakens the very essence of the being by releasing a pure and creative energy. The therapist channels and transmits universal energy by laying her hands on the body to activate the natural healing process. The journey of the energetic body is done very gently in order to bring balance and inner peace.

During a Reiki session, energetic harmonization allows a return to a gentle and natural circulation of energy.



Tianshi, which means angel in Mandarin, is a combination of Reiki, polarity, daydreaming and different energetic approaches, accompanied by the guidance of angels. Their messages will help you release the cellular memories accumulated in the body.

Main, toucher, eau

The goal is to increase the vibration rate and cut unwanted etheric bonds.


Energy session for children (<10 years old), in person:

30 min


Energy session for adults, in person:

1 h 30


Online energy session

1 h 00



Julie Lefebvre

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Réflexogue Corporelle

Maître Reiki et Tianshi

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