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Caroline Minous. Massothérapeute,massage facial ,énergie ,Laval

Caroline Minous

In a world where everything moves quickly, I set myself the goal to make people aware of the importance of stopping, taking a moment for themselves, reconnecting with their body and taking care of it, in order to live a life that resembles them...


Wishing to deepen my knowledge of the human body, I started training in massage therapy in 2005. I have been practicing massage therapy for nineteen years and specialize in lymphatic drainage, fascia therapy and polarity, all gentle techniques that allow us to reactivate our internal self-healing process.


Member of the AQTN

(Association Québécoise des Thérapeutes Naturels)

Caroline Minous. Massothérapeute, facial ,énergie ,Laval , recu assurance
Facial treatments are also my specialty. I have developed an encompassing and relaxing treatment where massage plays a very important role. Our skin is a reflection of our interior and skin problems always give us clues about the physiological or emotional imbalances in our body, hence the importance of massaging our face.

​Another of my passions, aromatherapy, accompanies each of my treatments. Essential oils have been part of my daily life for many years and that is why I use them to personalize each meeting with my clients.



(438) 888-0385

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