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What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic health approach, primarily preventive, promoting health, and guiding individuals in their globalty through various natural methods, combining rules of healthy living, stress management, healthy eating,  aromatherapy, plants, movement and the environment.

Each consultation takes into account your health history, discomforts and  imbalances, offering practical and personalized advice to improve lifestyle and naturally rebalance the body to allow it to regain its energy. 


The benefits of a naturopathic consultation

​The naturopath has a dual mission, that of therapist, who allows the person to regain health and that of health educator, to offer lifestyle advice, with the aim of maintaining  health over the long term.

Learn to  improve  general health or prevent illness.

You don't need to be sick to consult a naturopath.

The role of the naturopath is not to try to act on the symptom but to address the cause of the pathology  to restore  natural balance and ensure that the symptoms  no longer have to express themselves.

  • Remember, naturopathy should not replace conventional medicine for serious conditions. These include major surgeries, cancers or heart disease.

  • It is important to inform your attending physician of the naturopathic treatments that you are following.

  • It is also essential to inform me of any prescribed medications.

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Lydia Brodeur

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