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The work of the Neurotherapist consists of participating in the development of knowledge on the links between brain and cognitive functions. Therapeutically, neurotherapy offers more treatment options allowing for a better prognosis for a large number of disorders and problems. For example to reduce or resolve stress, anxiety, emotional disorders, sleep problems, disorders linked to trauma, etc.

Neurotherapy brings together various therapeutic techniques ranging from reprogramming bad patterns by acting on the “subconscious”:

from EMDR and/or eye movements, through Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, always through the contribution of cerebral neuroplasticity.


Why consult a neurotherapist?

  • ​To resolve physical problems and chronic pain

  • To optimize sports performance and mental health

  • To reduce stress and increase energy levels



1 h 30


Peter Manguian

IMG_0622-1-Square- 300k.png

Kinesiologist, Naturopath

and Neurotherapist

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