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VIVEKA is a Sanskrit term which can be translated as
“good understanding” or “discernment”.


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Lydia Brodeur 


Masso-Kinesitherapist - Naturopath - Spiritual Guide

Understanding the health and well-being of others has always been my priority. Seeing the person in their entirety is one of the values deeply ingrained in my soul. In my opinion, to achieve optimal health, you must understand the full complexity of the body. This is why I promote holistic medicine practices because it recognizes the interconnectedness of the body and mind. It’s a known fact that to heal a part, you must heal the whole.

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My Journey

“My mission was to understand the source of emotional suffering and physical pain.“

My journey began in 2014, at the Academy of Scientific Massage in Montreal where I followed Swedish massage training. Given my thirst for deepening my knowledge of the human body and further developing more specific techniques, I then studied kinesitherapy and sports massage to specialize in therapeutic care. Always in search of new knowledge, I then undertook training in naturopathy at the IESN (Institute for Teaching in Naturopathic Science) for six long years in order to become a naturopath. This field gives me a strong scientific base and a better understanding of the interaction between emotions, stress and metabolic imbalances.

​Life has brought me its share of struggles, challenges and incomprehension at times. I suffered emotionally and physically for several years without truly understanding the cause of my symptoms. Thanks to chance encounters and the discovery of extraordinary therapists, I found relief. They listened to me and perceived me as a unique and complex human being. Learning to reconnect with myself finally allowed me to equip myself to achieve my quest for healing and to finally be free of the discomfort that had haunted me for far too long.

My Story

“I searched for years for solutions to relieve my emotional and physical pain. I finally learned to reconnect with myself and discover all my resources.“

Today, with all the knowledge and experience acquired, I have set myself the goal of making people aware that their health is important and that there is always a solution to improve their quality of life. I am therefore here to guide anyone who wants to help themselves,take control of their lives, and relieve themselves of any pain, whether physical or emotional.

I founded the VIVEKA Holistic Center, which is at the same time a virtual portal, with the idea of offering references, resources and an attentive team to accompany people safely and encourage, enhance and promote the activation of their inner resources. 

I wanted to work in collaboration with therapists who master treatment techniques based on alternative medicine, while keeping the whole human being at heart.

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The reconnection of Self.

Why is it so important?

Unfortunately, we live in a culture where we spend less time truly feeling what is around us, being less attentive to our bodies, emotions and our real needs. This results in a disconnection from our bodies, and life. Habits can mask pain, and anxiety can lead to bad habits and addiction. We aim for a mindfulness approach, welcoming the emotions, and bringing any symptoms to consciousness in order to become aware of what the body and mind are trying to communicate to us.

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Education and support

done with kindness, respect, listening and discretion

I aim to teach my clients to acknowledge themselves and become autonomous in their health, showing them that they can regain their personal power. The treatments and services offered provide a unique and holistic approach, which consists in becoming aware of the physical body, metabolic needs, but above all raising awareness of the emotional and energetic sphere. To relieve persistent pain, you must see the person as a whole.

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