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Polarity is a holistic and energetic approach, based on Ayurvedic (India), Egyptian and Chinese medicine. It was developed by Dr. Stone, a chiropractor, osteopath and naturopath from the 1940s who spent his life studying traditional medicines.

To summarize, polarity aims to reactivate, fluidify and harmonize vital energy, in order to reactivate our natural self-healing processes. The therapist works on the different energy currents that run through the body, and is linked to the 5 elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth.

Polarity is a gentle and respectful approach. It supports the functions of the body, which is why it complements all other health care services, because behind pain or discomfort there is often a blocage of energy.

Polarity is a wonderful way to discover yourself.

Massage du dos
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You do not need to have any health issues to benefit from a polarity session, it's a wonderful prevention tool. It allows you to:

Sleep Better

Relieve Pain

Balance the Hormonal System

Improve Your Level of Energy

Lower Your Anxiety,

Your Stress

Improve Relationships with Others

Improve Your Self-Confidence



1 h 15


Caroline Minous

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Holistic Massotherapist 

Polarity Therapist

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